The Klondike Gold Rush gets all the attention, but Skagway's history has far more layers than that, and you'll get a good core sample by visiting the this small, city-run museum. The collection spans the ages with artifacts including: a long, dark wooly mammoth tusk; a Tlingit war canoe; Gold Rush-era slot machine and roulette wheel; an amazing patchwork feather quilt, made by missionary women from duck skins and lined with peppercorns to discourage moths; Victorian-era women's lace blouses and cinch-waist wool jackets (man, they cinched their waists in tight!); and World War II-era canteens, helmets and bayonets. There's also hands-on exhibits for kids, with whale baleen to feel, stereoscopes with historic scenes to peer at, and wildlife skeletons to handle. The museum shares space with Skagway's impressive city hall, in a handsome old school that was the first stone building in town (built in 1900).