"Hidden People" Lesson #3: Troll Tales

Trolls arrived in Iceland as stowaways on Viking ships and took to the local landscape, making their homes in caves and cliffs. Their boats are made of stone, and they can fish without line or bait. Most trolls never appear in sunlight, lest they turn into stone themselves.

To Icelanders, trolls are tough, menacing, ugly, and often lonesome -- anything but cute. It's best not to cross them, though they'll keep their word if you reach an agreement. Trolls who live in bird cliffs are often a great danger to egg collectors. In an emergency, Christianity can help drive trolls off.

Trolls have not survived in the modern age nearly as well as elves. In fact, many people believe them to be extinct. Electricity hasn't been good for hidden people: electric light makes the outer dark darker, diminishing the half-dark in which hidden people take form.

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