St. Michael's Church dominates the town center. On the tallest hill in Slagelse, construction on this medieval church began in 1333, the architects preferring the Gothic style, using red brick made locally, in the construction. It was once the most important place for worship in town, but by the 1870s the townspeople seemed to have deserted it. Over the decades it had fallen into serious despair before a group of loyal church members raised the money for its restoration. If it was ever filled with art, it isn't anymore, but it does have a historic memorial, honoring the brave members of the Danish Resistance movement in World War II. A noted Danish sculptor, Gunnar Slot, designed this memorial in 1959, and next to it is the church's other most noteworthy sculpture. Simply entitled Woman (and so it is), it is the work of Keld Moseholm Jørgensen.