It looks like some guy’s house because it is: Richard “Kaz” Kasmier makes only 60 barrels a year, but he does it with care and with 10 times fewer sulfites as his competitors. Some say that you really need more sulfites to balance the flavor out, but the many people who are made ill by sulfite-heavy wines will find his efforts useful. His winery is very family oriented; the swing set on his property is for his grandkids, but he encourages any visiting shorty to play on it, and to feed the fish in the koi pond out back. Kaz doesn’t take the area’s pretentiousness very seriously; when I first called to ask if his winery was open to visitors, I was told, “Yes, but only if you’re the right kind of visitor.” They were kidding, of course, a dry wit made even clearer by the amusing names of his wines: Say “Rah,” Red Said Fred, and Moo Vedra among them. Tastings are $5 for five wines or ports. You’ll find it a little down the turn-off from Route 12 where you’ll also find Landmark Vineyards.