This quiet winery is one of the great personal success stories of the area. The family patriarch came to America from Michoacán, Mexico, in 1968, and, starting as a laborer for the respected Christian Brothers winemakers, worked his way up bit by bit, until he finally owned his own spread. There are “live barrels” in the tasting room, which means they’re full of aging wine, and the smell throughout is marvelous. They don’t do tours, but one of Mr. Robledo’s kids is usually on duty, so you’re bound to have a truly interesting and possibly inspiring conversation. Tastings are $15 for six current-release wines, $20 for reserve wines, and $25 for a flight of reserve cabernet sauvignon. Bottles, which you can’t buy anywhere else, start at $22. This winery received a huge honor in early 2008 when Mexican president Felipe Calderón, on the first visit to the region by any Mexican president, visited only the Robledo winery. He, too, is from Michoacán.