A sprawling, and extremely romantic, Tuscan-style villa sitting atop a knoll overlooking the entire lower valley, Viansa is the brainchild of Sam and Vicki Sebastiani, who left the family dynasty to create their own temple to food and wine. (Viansa is a contraction of "Vicki and Sam.") Here you'll find gorgeous views along with a large room crammed with a cornucopia of high-quality mustards, olive oils, pastas, salads, breads, desserts, Italian tableware, cookbooks, and wine-related gifts, and tasting opportunities.

The winery, which does extensive mail-order business through the Tuscan Club, features Italian varietals. Tastings cost $5 per person and are offered at the east and west end of the marketplace. The self-guided tour includes a trip through the underground barrel-aging cellar, adorned with colorful hand-painted murals. Viansa is also one of the few wineries in Sonoma Valley that sells deli items -- the focaccia sandwiches are delicious.