• Noshing in the Food Alley in Namdaemun Market (Seoul): You haven't really experienced the charm of an outdoor market until you've had a bite to eat from the street vendors in this shijang (market). Fuel up for your next round of shopping with a fresh flatcake hot off the griddle or a plate of soondae (blood sausage).
  • Enjoying a Cup of Tea while Overlooking the City's Shoppers (Seoul): Seoul's Insadong district is chock-full of traditional tea shops. Opt for one on the second floor and watch the world pass by on the streets below, while sipping a fragrant brew from a hand-crafted teacup.
  • Cooking Your Own Meat on a Tabletop Grill: For the full Korean dining experience you really must try galbi (beef short ribs), ssamgyupssal (sliced pork belly), or dak galbi (spicy chicken) that you've cooked yourself on a grill at your table.
  • Dine on Top of the World (Seoul): Okay, so you're not technically on top of the world, but you do get a pretty great view of the city below when you dine at Top Cloud. Come for dinner, when the lights of Seoul twinkle below.
  • Drinking Homemade Rice Wine in a Remote Village: If you get a chance to travel to one of South Korea's small villages, stop under one of the thatched-roof joints to enjoy a gourd full of the milky rice wine, makgeolli, and some good old-fashioned, home-style food.
  • Having Hot Chicken Soup on an Equally Hot Day: Certain Koreans believe that fighting fire with fire is the way to go. So to beat the oppressive summer heat (especially during the three hottest days of the year), the masses get their own steaming bowl of samgyetang (young chicken soup). If that doesn't keep the doctor away, nothing will.
  • Picking Your Catch at Jagalchi Market: There's a certain power to deciding which fish is going to get sliced up for your hwae (raw fish) meal. Luckily you just point and the work is done for you. It doesn't get any fresher than that.
  • Eating Fresh-Caught Live Squid: There's nothing like having to catch your food with your chopsticks before it has a chance to wriggle away. Adventurous eaters should look for this exciting delicacy in Jeju-do, Busan, or other seaside towns.
  • Enjoying Everyday Jeolla-do Cuisine: The Jeolla-do region has the most delicious food in the country -- and it's not just Jeolla residents who'll tell you. You can walk into any restaurant and get an excellent meal without breaking the bank. A hanjeongshik (Korean traditional meal) is a great way to enjoy the area's seasonal vegetables and rice.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.