If it's ever occurred to you that it might be a good idea to chuck it all in and spend the rest of your days bumming around the beach, it turns out, you're not alone. That's what the Pacific beaches north of Cabo San Lucas were made for, and they're getting good use. The Pacific side, a rough designation for the stretch of coast from Cabo up to Todos Santos, sometimes feels like one long surf break, with an occasional taco stand thrown in for laughs. But look closer, and you'll find some variety: inland desert expanses you can explore by dune buggy, an art gallery-cum-seafood bar in the roadside sand, an oasis given over to organic vegetable farms that supply many of the local tables, an all-green yoga retreat. Cerritos Beach is the center of gravity here, such as it is: a loose grouping of homes and surf camps, a beachside bar and restaurant, and waves people will drive the whole peninsula for (and a swimming beach, too). While it's close enough to Cabo or to Todos Santos to make either your base, if you stay at the beach, you can lose yourself completely in the sound of the surf.

Getting There -- It's a piece of cake to get to the Pacific Side from Cabo San Lucas or Todos Santos: There's just one road, Hwy. 19. Be aware that a long and drawn-out road upgrade from two to four lanes means that parts of this highway are often closed, and lane changes to the wrong side of the road are poorly marked. The road is still agreeably flat and straight, but know that when you give in to the urge to let the throttle out, the next construction site is just around the bend. Be especially cautious at night.

Getting Around -- You'll do well to have a car here, but it's not absolutely necessary. If you stay in Todos Santos, you can make day trips to Cerritos and Pescadero by taxi.

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