For most visitors, a jet-boat trip up the Lower Rogue is the easiest way to see a portion of this fabled river. Powerful, shallow-draft hydrojet boats use water jets instead of propellers, allowing them to cross rapids and riffles that are only a few inches deep. Jerry’s Rogue Jets leaves from the Port of Gold Beach on the south side of the bridge and offers three different trips. The 64-mile Historic Mail Boat Trip follows the route mailboats have taken up the Rogue, delivering mail and cargo, since 1895. The 80-mile Whitewater Journey pushes farther up the river to a section of whitewater rapids. On the 104-mile Wilderness Whitewater ★★★ trip, you get to enter the wild and scenic section of the Rogue, accessible only to jetboats, rafters, and hikers. Knowledgeable and Coast Guard–certified guides accompany every jetboat trip and provide commentary on the wildlife and geology of the river. You may see deer, black bear, river otters, or bald eagles along the way. This is a safe adventure that everyone will enjoy.