Anna’s is not like other restaurants along Highway 101 that serve the inevitable “fisherman’s platter” or fish and chips. For one thing, it’s a block off the highway, and for another thing, it’s really small, seating only 14 people. It also serves double duty as Gold Beach’s only wine bar and wine store, with a surprisingly large selection of mostly European vintages. The chef-owner, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, calls his cooking “nouvelle Canadian prairie cuisine.” Whatever you call it, it’s usually on the mark when it comes to taste. The cheeses offered as a starter are all made in-house, and if you order one of fresh, crisp salads, he might go outside and cut some of the fresh greens. Only four main courses are offered (five in the summer). I would recommend the breast of duck served over mashed potatoes or the wild-caught shrimp with truffle oil. On some weekend nights, a guitar player provides soft music. It can all be a bit eccentric (bone china, heavy cutlery, but if you don’t have wine, your water is served in a plastic cup), but you’ll get a meal unlike any place else in Gold Beach.