Select Festivals in the Southwest

Festival Location Lunar Calendar 2010 2011
Dragon Lantern (Miao) Tai Jiang 15th of 1st Feb 28 Feb 17
Huapao (Dong) Cong Jiang 28th of 1st Mar 5 Mar 2
Sanduo (Naxi) Lijiang 8th of 2nd Mar 13 Mar 12
Water Splashing Festival (Dai) Jinghong Xishuangbanna (Apr 13-15 fixed in Western calendar)
Sanyuesan Dong areas 3rd of 3rd Apr 16 Apr 5
Sanyue Jie (Bai) Dali 15th of 3rd Apr 28 Apr 17
Sisters' Meal Festival (Miao) Tai Jiang/Shidong 15th-17th of 3rd Mar 29-31 Apr 17-19
Siyueba (Miao) Huangping 8th of 4th May 21 May 10
Raosanling (Bai) Dali 23rd-25th of 4th June 5-7 May 25-27
Dragon Boat (Miao) Shidong 25th of 5th July 6 June 26
Chabai Singing (Buyi) Xingyi 21st of 6th July 23 Jul 21
Huoba Jie (Bai) Dali 24th of 6th July 26 Jul 24
Zhuan Shan Jie Lugu Hu 25th of 7th Aug 25 Aug 23
Miao New Year Lei Shan last 10 days of 10th 4th week Nov 2nd week Oct

**Dates are based on information provided by local tourism sources. However, there are many date fluctuations, especially with festivals like the Miao New Year. Check with the local CITS or other local sources before setting off.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.