Another of the region’s excellent “living history” outdoor museums, this one celebrates and commemorates the links between Ulster and the New World. It chronicles the story of those 18th- and 19th-century emigrants who left their homes in the north of Ireland to seek a new life overseas. The park contains authentic structures from the period—some of them actual dwellings reconstructed from elsewhere—to give an accurate impression of the life they left behind. After looking around the humble thatched cottages, you can explore a small town street, complete with convincingly decked-out shops, manned by costumed actors. Next you’ll see a full-size replica emigrant ship, and finally examples of the kinds of frontier, log-cabin-type homes the emigrants lived in when they settled in the United States. The park has an active schedule of special events, including a respected bluegrass festival around the tail end of August or the beginning of September. Check the website for full listings.