For those still looking for that Dorian Gray–agelessness, forget following in Ponce de León’s footsteps and get yourself some botox. Just kidding, but really, this clichéd tourist attraction sort of is a joke, a 25-acre park billing itself as North America’s first historic site. And while some of that is indeed true(ish)—Smithsonian Institution archaeological digs have established that a Timucuan Indian village existed here some 1,000 years ago—there's still absolutely no evidence that Ponce de León visited the spot during his 1513 voyage. Search for evidence yourselves while walking through the not-so-interesting grounds, but you’ll learn more on a 45-minute guided tour or at a planetarium show about 16th-century celestial navigation. Yep, a planetarium. Because nothing says “Fountain of Youth” like a laser show. At any rate, the grounds are lovely—there are peacocks here, burial and excavation sites, a cafe, boathouse, and pretty much everything but evidence of Ponce de León and/or everlasting youth.