Despite the dubious name and all its implications, GAS is a hip, retro-modern, reasonably priced hot spot favored by the locals. It's worlds away from touristy historic district spots in so many ways. The retro theme may be kitsch and cheeky, but the menu is modern, updating comfort food with an emphasis on burgers. Not for the faint of heart or calories, GAS's Jalapeno Popper Burger is a specialty, a hearty serving of two beef patties stuffed with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and fresh jalapenos, then grilled and panko-breaded and deep fried. Just describing it spiked my cholesterol, but it's oh so very good. The meatloaf, pork chops, and espresso-rubbed rib-eye are also pretty irresistible. For those looking to be a little better in the health department, there's some divine tofu, marinated in mojo and grilled. As with most hipster spots these days, there's a very worthy craft beer list here. The mod interior leans heavily on old-fashioned gas pumps and comes complete with a sign that reads "Thank you for not passing Gas."