Fresh, seasonal, gourmet-global—all of these adjectives can be applied to the cuisine of Sweet Plantains, which offers a wide-spanning taste of the tropics. Chefs here marry West Indian home cooking—saltfish cakes with sweet mango puree, say or honey-jerked chicken drumettes—with international flavors and techniques. It gives this Coral Bay favorite a real sizzle. Wednesday and Thursday nights are Latin Nights, where you might sample arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), carnes Latino (beef stew), or ceviche. Saturday is given over to “Indo-Caribbean” curries, and Sundays and Mondays the place goes Gallic by way of the West Indies with such dishes as duck a la Sweet Plantains (sauteed duck breast with a black currant chutney confit) or a Creole ragout. The West Indian cottage is done up in richly saturated colors and is set between the road and the bay.