Some 40 species of butterflies from around the world (including such rarities as the Central American postman, Malaysian malachite, and Brazilian blue morpho) flit and flutter through this miniature, hot and humid bamboo rainforest replica. The lengths that butterflies go to in order to preserve the species is nature at its canniest: Some lay eggs that look like bird poop; others have camouflaged wings. Most have a short but vivid life span; the spectacularly beautiful blue morpho lives just 2 weeks. The atmosphere is hypnotically calming, between tinkling waterfalls, ponds stocked with splashing koi, passing chickens, and soft classical music. If you arrive early, you might witness butterflies emerging from their chrysalides; wear bright colors or floral scents and they might light on you. Multilingual docents conduct 25-minute hands-on tours following the typical life cycle from egg to caterpillar and on to adulthood. The ramshackle shop sells butterfly earrings, wind chimes, pewter figurines, fridge magnets, and framed mounted sets. The website tells you what to plant to attract butterflies.