Visit this artsy bar for a taste of St. Petersburg's bohemian cool, with a crowd made up of trendy, well-heeled intelligentsia as well as hipsters on the other side of 30. The cozy interior has been given the rummage-sale treatment, with vintage furniture and china from grandma's house. DJs from Russia's and the rest of the world's best clubs spin here. The food is inventive and delicious, with an emphasis on Asian dishes. Spring rolls, kebabs, Russian salads, and chicken tikka masala are just a few of the items on the eclectic menu. The bar has just about every top-shelf liquor on hand, and its well-made specialty cocktails include such concoctions as the Hunter Thompson, made of rum, passion fruit, vanilla syrup, lime and egg white; and the Forrest Gump—vodka, sorrel, honey, and raspberries. Cash only.