Classed as a Jardin Remarquable by France’s Ministry of Culture, the remarkable Domaine Rayol tumbles down to the sea over 20 flower-filled hectares. Several thousand plant species fight for space over 11 climatic areas. Find giant succulents in the South African section, bamboo thickets in the Chinese zone, and fragrant eucalyptus and mimosa from Australasia. Permanent features in the park include hidden totems and Indiana Jones-like bridges. Snorkeling the sentier marin (undersea trail) costs 23€, or 15€ for children aged 17 or under, inclusive of your entrance ticket. This 3-hour experience glides over sea cucumbers, Poseidon grass, and friendly octopi. Picnicking in the park is banned, which is just as well. Le Café des Jardiniers (open mid-April to mid-October, Wednesday to Sunday) conjures up garden-inspired Mediterranean delights on a vast sea view-dining terrace.