If you leave town without seeing this spellbinding museum, you’ve missed a colorful part of St-Tropez’s past. Showcasing superb post-Impressionist paintings (1890–1950), this collection is displayed throughout the interior of a 16th-century chapel just off of St-Tropez’s harbor. In 1892, it was St-Tropez’s adopted son, Paul Signac, who kick-started the wave of painters who flooded to this picturesque seaside town. Many of the artists featured—including Signac—painted the port of St-Tropez, a backdrop that lies right outside the building. The museum includes such masterpieces as Matisse’s La Femme à la fenètre, Nice, as well as artworks by Bonnard, Braque, Dufy, Marquet, and Derain. Temporary shows are held on the ground floor.