A National Historic Landmark, this handsome home, built in 1846 by a Presbyterian congregation as a manse for their ministers, stands beside an excellent library and museum detailing Wilson's life. The future president was born here on December 28, 1856, but the family left Staunton when he was only 2. The house is furnished with many family items, including Wilson's crib and the chair in which his mother rocked him. The galleries of the museum next door trace Wilson's Scotch-Irish roots, his academic career as a professor and president at Princeton University, and, of course, his 8 presidential years (1913-21), which spanned World War I. Don't overlook the beautiful Victorian garden or Wilson's presidential limousine, a shiny Pierce-Arrow. You must take the 40-minute guided tour of the house, but you can wander through the museum and gardens on your own. About 1 1/2 hours will be required to see it all.