The name says it all, albeit in a way that's a bit too cheesy for our taste. Artipelag is a contemporary arts center set on an island in the Stockholm archipelago (get it?) about 20 minutes from Stockholm. The building itself dates to 2008 and justifies a visit all by itself, a sleek and ultra-modern concoction where brutal concrete meets rocks, trees, squirrels, and all the other stuff that shows up when you leave the cnetral city. Treat it as a day in the archipelago and it won't matter if you don't like the art, which varies by exhibtion. Artipelag's goal is to inspire art appreciation in a wide audience, so the curating is designed to surprise more than shock. That being said, sometimes the exhibits are quite creative: one in early 2015 was dedicated to sculpture, painting, design and fashion pieces all inspired by what life might be like in a post fossil fuel society. Alongside the 32,000-square-feet of gallery space (this is one of the largest museums in Stockholm) are a restaurant, a cafe and a design shop.

By the way, if you have ever owned a BabyBjörn child carrier, you helped build the museum. (The financier behind it is Björn Jacobson, the "Björn" in the company's name.)