Carl Eldh (1873-1954) was a representational artist and sculptor who had a studio designed for him by his pal Ragnar Östberg, of City Hall fame. The charming wooden structure (Eldh lived here as well) is now Stockholm's cutest museum and also one of its least visited. Proof of its obscurity came recently when it was closed for three years due to tunnel construction: Nobody noticed except the curators, who evacuated the delicate plaster statues to prevent them from cracking. If you don't want to schlepp out to the museum for the half-hour experience, at least catch Eldh's Branting monument on Norra Bantorget, and his nude and hilariously ripped August Strindberg in Tegnérlunden. Eldh's statues are almost exclusively placed in Sweden, but replicas can be found in Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Paris.