Come for the lounge, stay for the...lounge. Seriously, you could spend an entire afternoon in one of the four "living rooms" here. Its 90 feet of ceiling height is what people talked about when this five-star hotel opened in 2010, and it still pulls in crowds, as do the snacks and the expertly mixed cocktails (both here and in the swank Gold Bar). Those who decided to stay the night noticed that 1) luxury in Scandinavia never gets vulgar, 2) the design group Claesson Koivisto Rune does subdued interiors like nobody else—here under the label "Scandinavian dark blond," with stylish contemporary furniture and bathrooms covered floor to ceiling in Carrara marble, and 3) location really does matter (this one can't be beat). The building used to be a law-firm office, so the 201 rooms come in seven different sizes (from 160 square feet and up), presumably depending on the status of the former occupant (attorney or secretary?).