In the last thousand years, Sweden hasn't produced anything remotely as exciting to tourists as, well, the Vikings. And so a number of businesses have grown up over the years to sell Viking goods from horned helmets to commemorative t-shirts. Most of the "Viking" food sold is as authentic as Turkish pizza. In late 2011, though, Stockholm finally got a real contender, courtesy of lovable Eurodance musician E-Type. His kitchen uses pre-medieval spices like saffron and caraway, and the menu is an approximation of how Viking food could have looked and tasted, based on the archeological record. This includes such dishes as "flap steak", racks of lamb, and an entire "dwarf chicken". As for the interior decoration, it's convincing enough to make you feel like you're in a re-enactment of the bar scene from "The Seventh Seal." Big fun.