This name is a misnomer: It's not a bar, but an acronym for Blasieholmens Akvarium & Restaurant, one of the finest fish restaurants in the city. B.A.R. buys its catch daily at the fish auction in Gothenburg, races it to Stockholm...and waits for you to arrive. When you've had a look at the menu, the waiter will come and get you, bring you over to the fish counter, and walk you through the day's catch. (Which is a good thing, since the overly-long menu bewilders most guests.) There's a take-away option, too, if you have place to take away a fish to and some take that option as B.A.R. gives the impression of focusing more on food than on trimmings, which means bare walls, a low ceiling, and the odd wobbly table. It more than makes up for the humble setting by generating that great feeling that you're among friends. Fish-eating friends.