This is one of only two Stockholm restaurants with double Michelin stars and many consider it to be the finest restaurant in Scandinavia. It used to be Frantzén & Lindeberg, but Lindeberg (the pastry chef of the duo) left in 2013 to open a small bakery in Nacka. Left to his own devices Björn Frantzén not only kept up the good work, but expanded operations by opening three new eateries, albeit with more pedestrian offerings. At Frantzén, though, the menu strives to surprise an exacting clientele, in part through exotic dishes like oven-baked bone marrow, tomato marmalade, and smoked pork fat, a salad made up of 42 ingredients and dishes crafted from lichen, ox blood, horse and other unusual ingredients. Try to get a seat at the bar overlooking the kitchen so you can watch the chefs scurrying around to create your 17-course tasting menu (they're also very knowledgable and will answer any questions you may have). In 2013, Frantzén was named the 12th best restaurant in the world by British magazine "Restaurants." That kind of attention attracts foodies like rats to a dumpster, and since Frantzén only seats 19, it helps to call ahead.