This family-owned hamburger chain from northern Sweden is the country's answer to McDonald's. The company launched five years before McD's came to Sweden, so it's not a complete ripoff, but the fact that the chain tried to release a "Big Max" in 1984 reveals where at least some of the inspiration comes from. (McDonald's sued and won, forcing Max to re-name their burger "Big!" So then Tom Hanks sued...just kidding.)

This classic location near Kungsträdgården park is one of 98 Max locations in Sweden. Who makes the best burgers, fries, and shakes is a never-ending debate, but it's safe to say that Max is no better or worse than McD's, whatever that might mean to you. Both fast food spots attract the same demographic, but Max also has a pronounced environmental agenda, with CO2 equivalents marked for each item on the menu. The interior is also more Nordic-stylish than its American competitor, with cream-colored accents and upbeat, oversized photo portraits providing some color for the walls. Plus you can get home delivery from certain outlets (no, not this one).