Diners will encounter a LOT of red flags when they walk into Phoenix Table and Bar for the first time. The menu hops schizephrenically across the globe, offering everything from ramen bowls to chimichangas to oyster po' boys. The characterless decor looks like the formal dining room in, well, an assisted living community in Phoenix. But slide into one of the red leather booths and order from the smiley waitstaff and all will be well, I promise. Because the chefs here have that rare ability to dance between world cuisines with ease, bringing their own masterful spin to all the classics they serve. I can particularly recommend the excellent kale and avocado salad, big enough for an entree; the vegetarian plate of mushrooms sauteed in wine, atop collard greens and sided by luscious celery root puree; and the impeccably crisp and light fish and chips. The restaurant also offers a range of oysters each night, and some of the most expertly mixed cocktails in the state.