Even Suchitoto's waterfalls look like art. Los Tercios, a stunning waterfall and small swimming hole located an easy 1.5km (1-mile) stroll out of town, really looks like a piece of modern art, with foot-wide slices of vertical rock jutting out along the face of its 9m (30-ft.) waterfall. The unique shape of the rocks here is thought to have resulted from rapidly cooling ancient magma. Though water only flows over the falls from May to December, Los Tercios is worth a visit year-round, since the unique rock formations are the main attraction. Be prepared to climb down a few rocks to get a good look. Vendors often come here to sell pupusas and drinks on the weekends, so refreshments should be on-hand after your climb. Though the falls are relatively easy to reach, it is wise to go accompanied by a guide or local, as there have been some reported robberies on the trail.