This is definitely one of the most unique attractions in Bolivia. At first glance, the dinosaur tracks look like simple holes in rocks. But after your eyes adjust, you'll start to see distinct patterns of movement. All of a sudden, it's very easy to envision dinosaurs slopping through the mud, trying to escape from their enemies, and searching for water. It's believed that the rocks in the area date back some 68 million years -- well before the Andes were formed. Supposedly, there was a lake here surrounded by a forest. Dinosaurs trudged through the mud in the forest toward the lake in search of water. Before the footprints had a chance to disappear (about a 2-week time period), they would be covered by sediment, which settled over the mud and preserved the prints. The bilingual guides will be able to tell you their theories about which dinosaurs were doing what when they walked through this area 68 million years ago. I recommend taking the Dino-Truck to get here -- you'll ride in the back of a pickup through the outskirts of Sucre and along roads with beautiful vistas. If you choose to take a taxi, it will cost you about Bs30. The tour lasts about 1 1/2 hours.