The Sydney Tower is hard to miss—it resembles a giant steel pole skewering a golden marshmallow. Standing 309 m (984 ft.) tall, the tower offers stupendous 360-degree views across Sydney and as far as the Blue Mountains. At the top is a revolving restaurant and bar. The indoor viewing platform on the top floor is called the Sydney Tower Eye. Don’t be too concerned if you feel the building tremble slightly, especially in a strong wind—apparently it’s built to do that! The ticket price includes admission to a new 4D cinema, where you can watch a film about Sydney with footage of the harbor, coastline, famous landmarks, and events. The Sydney Tower Skywalk is a heart-stopping experience definitely not for people who are scared of heights. You don a special suit, walk out onto a glass-floored platform 260 m (853 ft.) above the city floor and walk around the building. The views are breathtaking (even between your feet!). You are harnessed to a safety rail with a sliding harness, so there’s no chance of falling off, and well-informed guides offer a helping hand to the nervous. Each Skywalk lasts about 90 minutes. Cameras aren’t allowed for safety reasons, but the guide will take group or individual shots that you can buy. Children under 8 aren’t allowed on the Skywalk.