Most of the city's sights are on or around Zizkovo námestí. On the square's west side is the Museum of the Hussite Movement (tel. 381-254-286, The late-Gothic former town hall now chronicles the movement that put Tábor on the map and in the history books. In front of the building lie stone tables where Hussite ministers gave daily communion. Leading from the museum's entrance, twisting and turning 650m (2,133 ft.) underneath the square, is a labyrinth of tunnels dating from the 15th century. After visiting the museum, take one of the guided tours that snakes through the underground maze, which has housed everything from beer kegs to women imprisoned for such dastardly things as quarreling with men. The tunnels also doubled as a way to sneak under enemy guards if the town ever fell, allowing Hussite soldiers to launch an attack from behind. Note that the museum was closed in 2009 for reconstruction but was expected to reopen in 2010. Before reconstruction, admission to the museum was 80Kc and to the tunnels 60Kc. Opening hours for both are April to October daily 8:30am to 5pm, and November to March Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

When you emerge from the tunnels, you'll be on the opposite side of the square, facing the Church of Transfiguration of Our Lord (tel. 381-251-226), with its vaulted impressive stained-glass windows and Gothic wooden altar. Climb the tower for one of the best views of the town. Open daily from 10am to 5pm May through August, and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm in September and October. Admission is 25Kc.

You can pay homage to the Hussite military mastermind Jan Zizka at his statue next to the church. For a wondrous avenue of Renaissance buildings, stroll down Prazská ulice, off the southeast corner of the square. From here you can turn down Divadelní and head along the Luznice River toward Kotnov Castle (tel. 381-252-788). If your feet aren't up to the walk, you can take a more direct route to Kotnov by heading straight down Klokotská ulice, which runs away from the square next to the Hussite Museum.

A 14th-century castle that forms the southwest corner of the town wall, Kotnov Castle is most recognizable for its round tower, with another great view of the town. Inside the castle is a well-organized collection on the Middle Ages, with old farming tools, armor, weapons, uniforms, and other artifacts. Admission is 40Kc, and it's open April to September daily from 8:30am to 5pm.

An A-Maze-ing City -- If you get confused by roads that twist, turn, and then end as you leave the square, the Taborites have caught you exactly as planned -- the town was designed to hold off would-be attackers with its maze of streets.

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