This exhibition hall displays 4 of the 11 huge, elaborate floats used for Takayama's famous Takayama Matsuri (Autumn Festival). Dating mostly from the 17th century and colorfully decorated with carvings, hanging lanterns, and sometimes marionettes, floats are as high as 7m (23 ft.) and are mounted on wheels (it takes 20 people to pull them through the streets). Free 20-minute guided tours in English make the festival hall an interesting stop if you're unable to see the festival itself.

The admission price also allows entrance to Sakurayama Nikko Kan next door, which houses a replica of the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, built almost 100 years ago over a period of 15 years at 1/10th the scale. I was initially skeptical, but the 28 buildings -- complete with computerized sunsets and sunrises -- are works of art.