In 2014 the St. Petersbourg was redesigned in the Russian imperial style, and the result is as kitschy as it gets. Pictures of showgirls, enormous silver statues, and dark velvet upholstery come together to somewhat incoherent effect—if you're looking for simplicity, this isn't it. The preference for opulent décor extends to the rooms, where faux-fur blankets and bold furniture create a cozy, if overwhelming, atmosphere. Despite the aesthetic clutter, a standard double is spacious and well outfitted with a cozy couch, desk, TV, and electric kettle for tea and instant coffee. 
Staying at St. Petersbourg comes with a few unique perks: in addition to complimentary airport transfer for those who book online, guests can order a private sauna free of charge, available every morning between 7 and 11 a.m. In the spirit of Tallinn's position at the forefront of the consumer tech industry (Skype was invented here), the desk in each room is equipped with an iPad for travelers who may have left their laptops at home. Unfortunately these flashy extras won't get you a good night's sleep—beds are among the hardest I've slept on. If the bed won't keep you awake at night, the hotel's noisy ventilation system might.
Two restaurants offer divergent culinary experiences: the glamorous Hermitage serves Russian fare in keeping with the hotel's Soviet heritage, while the tavern-themed Kuldse Notsu Kõrts (Golden Piglet Inn) offers traditional Estonian dishes prepared with ingredients from local farms, accompanied by live music and a terrace open during summer. The hotel serves its slightly odd breakfast buffet (meats, yogurt, and local specialties like cherries compote and cold fish)  down in the tavern, as well as a small a la carte menu where guests can order eggs and pancakes (both options are included with the price of the room).