Built in a restored former post office in Tallinn's medieval Old Town, the luxurious Hotel Telegraaf has been granted UNESCO heritage status. For guests, it features an elegant blend of modern comfort and historic charm. Thoughtful details of the interior pay homage to the building's lifetime across two World Wars: the phone in each room is designed to resemble an early rotary-dial model, while the walls are decorated with copies of old Estonian postage stamps. If you take a look at the hallway carpeting, you'll notice that the somewhat abstract-looking pattern is in fact a magnified print of a postcard discovered while sifting through the ruins of the hotel's second wing, which was destroyed in an air attack during WWII. The rest of the hotel is decorated in a modern style with Art Deco finishes, sumptuous chaise lounges and chandeliers adding a touch of opulence to its refined aesthetic.
The bombed wing was rebuilt in 2005 and now forms the Hotel Telegraaf's "modern" section, while its other, "historic" half has been preserved. Visitors can expect the same standard of luxury on either side, although historic rooms have higher ceilings and hardwood floors, and vary slightly in shape and size (translation: you might end up with less space than you'd hoped). All doubles include a desk, flatscreen TV, and adjustable AC, as well as a service cabinet where guests can leave dry cleaning or pick up room service without actually interacting with anyone. Building regulations unfortunately prohibit coffee and tea making facilities in the rooms. Doubles are cheaper in the modern wing, but the level of quality makes any standard room worth the price.
The Telegraaf is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World club, one of two members in Estonia and the only in Tallinn, and its comprehensive facilities and services are a testament to the designation. Guests can enjoy a grand buffet breakfast (included) in the Restaurant Tchaikovsky, complete with an "Estonian corner" offering traditional dishes. A sunlit spa offers a variety of treatments using only Elemis products, as well as a heated pool, steam room, and classic Finnish sauna. While building regulations prevent the hotel from installing a fitness center, the concierge will schedule and arrange transportation for a session at a nearby gym.

-Roxie Pell