The  Savoy Boutique's charm is all in the details. Rooms are decorated in the Art Deco style and outfitted with the kind of accouterments sure to impress the fashion-savvy traveler: Italian furniture, funky curtain rods welded by blacksmiths in the Estonian city of Narva, fresh flowers on every window sill. Even the information packets in each room have been handled with care: crafted from fabric and buttons designed to look like a men's suit, the booklets are literally "tailor made" like the hotel they represent. Although the small, 19th century building doesn't allow for many extra facilities (no spa, pool, or parking), comfortable rooms are sure to meet guests' needs with A/C, LCD TVs, and what may be the most elegant bathrooms in Tallinn.

The cool, slightly stiff Restaurant MEKK serves updated Estonian cuisine, while a cozy lobby and bar create a more welcoming atmosphere. But the Savoy Boutique's most interesting detail is hidden underground: a City Wall Chamber in the bar's basement is constructed against a piece of Tallinn's UNESCO-protected Old Town wall, which dates back to the 13 th century. Parties of 10 to 20 can book the room for dinner or a conference. Potential future visitors should know that the bar will undergo a renovation soon, but the wall will remain intact.