Best Hotels in Taormina

Lodging options in Taormina range from army cots to sumptuous suites. Be prepared, however, to pay a king's ransom, and don't be too surprised if what's deemed four-star here passes for a nondescript three-star anywhere else. If you're coming primari...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Neighborhood
Icon_dollar2 Excelsior Palace Around town
Icon_dollar2 Hotel Bel Soggiorno Around town
Icon_dollar1 Hotel del Corso Around town
Icon_dollar3 San Domenico Palace Around Town
Icon_dollar3 Villa Carlotta Around town
Icon_dollar3 Villa Ducale Around town
Icon_dollar2 Villa Paradiso Around town
Icon_dollar3 VOI Grand Hotel Mazzarò Sea Palace Mazzarò