Tell an Israeli you’re heading to Jaffa for the first time and he’ll insist you dine at Dr. Shakshuka. Just to the side of the flea market, and with the same chaotic yet ebullient spirit, this courtyard restaurant’s does the best version of its signature dish in Israel. Shakshuka, by the way, is a spicy yet comforting tomato stew, served here in a battered frying pan, and topped with a fried egg. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll find that you crave it, even after you leave Israel. Sure this popular, family-run restaurant serves other dishes (the shwarma is just fine and the authentic Libyan-style couscous is even better than fine), but you come here for the signature dish. And for the illusion that you’ve stumbled into a swell street party. One note: You’ll likely be seated with strangers at one of the restaurants long communal tables unless you bring a group. Take that as an opportunity. And don’t miss the doctor’s lemonade.