Abu Nassar Seafood and Hinawi Meats are two classic Tel Aviv institutions that have combined under one roof to provide the best of two worlds. The restaurant’s a bit out of the way, but it’s worth making the trek as the food is special without being pretentious, the setting is a spacious modern pavilion with a large dining deck overlooking the sea, and you get to experience a place that locals love. Prices are very fair, and you can dine on the freshest seafood or top-quality meats, all served in generous portions. First comes an extensive Arabic meze, of small dishes served with freshly toasted garlic pita. Tasty grilled fish is the staple here (including interesting catch of the day choices) but a favorite, available as a first or main course, is the house special calamari stuffed with shrimp, pine nuts, and parsley cooked in garlic and butter. At dinnertime and weekends, the eatery is filled with happy Jewish and Israeli Arab families and a cheerful spirit, and no matter how busy, service is friendly and helpful. Reservations are necessary Thursday through Saturday.