Catit Restaurant offers the most praised menu in Israel. Mizlala is Adoni’s younger, party-loving cousin—with an ambiance that seems more dance club than serious restaurant. But don’t let the 20-something crowd, and bustling bar scene, fool you: The food is still the star here, though that star may be Lady Gaga (the fare can be quite quirky and eccentric). The daily changing, and always surprising, menu draws from many traditions. On a recent visit, Mafroum, a traditional North African dish of potatoes stuffed with calf sweetbreads was featured, served with gourmet hummus and pepper harissa.. Another offering was a play on Iraqi kubbeh, which is traditionally deep fried bulgur dumplings stuffed with ground meat. Here they were filled with shrimp and sea bass, and presented in a rustic stew of pancetta, mussels, bamia (okra), and beets. Some dishes nod to cuisines even farther afoot, like the very American slow-cooked pork belly in whiskey and maple syrup that was on the menu recently. Come ready to experiment and enjoy. And if the prices at dinner are too hefty, pop by for business lunch, which tends to run between NIS 70 and NIS 95.