Jews have lived for centuries in Bombay, and other Indian cities, and it is this heritage that’s celebrated by owners Reena and Vinod Pushkarna. Their beautifully printed menu (it matches the serene and elegant atmosphere) carefully explains the exotic dishes and regional cuisines served here. Let the staff know if you want your choices with authentic, fiery seasonings (be careful!) or more toned down. A wide spectrum of foods from the Indian subcontinent are on offer, from banquet-style seafood, chicken and lamb courses, to lighter dinners of succulent, boneless Tandoori chicken, or chicken tikka masala, or an exotic (and economical) meal of vegetarian dishes with rice and wonderful Indian breads on the side. The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet here is one of the best values in town. In between courses, try refreshing lassi, a chilled yogurt-and-fruit drink. Reservations recommended.