The most stylish Kosher eatery in all of Israel, with grand ocean views, the Olive Tree serves the sort of French food that the French themselves currently prefer. So gone are the centuries-old, heavily sauced meats and fishes. In their place is an innovative, constantly changing menu, with many unusual dishes. On one night you might tuck into sweet meats smoked with citrus and sided by mushroom and veal brain ragout. The next visit could bring a hearty Mediterranean fish soup scented with anise or Cornish hen wrapped in smoked goose breast and served on an eggplant/pesto pastry—you just never know. What doesn’t change is the high quality of the ingredients, and the sure hand of star chef Charlie Fadida. One warning: The restaurant gives out a large number of free amuse bouches before the meal, so take that into account when ordering or you won’t have room for one of the lavish desserts (and that would be tragic). Service is included in the prices, and guests of the Sheraton who pay in foreign currency and charge their meal to their room bill are exempt from the additional 18 percent VAT. If you come by to take advantage of Olive Tree’s good value lunch specials, reserve a table by the window so you can watch the waves lapping the shore as you lap up whatever’s in front of you.