Public is a feel-good restaurant, with a clean uncluttered look, an attractive young waitstaff and 12 taps at the bar for a rotation of artisinal beers. But none of that would matter if the food here weren't so darn fine. Truly farm-to-table, the grub here is super-fresh and just creative enough. By which I mean, menus built around gussied up standards like delicate fish and chips with a tempura batter, and burgers of all sorts, including a "PB&J" burger which comes with peanut butter and a blueberry-thyme chutney (it's delish). There are also creative flatbreads (read: pizzas), leafy salads, mac and cheese for the wee ones, and some "special occassion" dishes, like rack or lamb with cream cheese sauce, that are truly special. Sorry: reservations are for large groups only, and there's sometimes a wait. But that's because this is the best restaurant in town, by far.