Between The Dalles Dam and Wishram on Wash. 14, Columbia Hills is the site of Horsethief Lake, a popular fishing area and campground. However, long before the area was designated a state park, this was a gathering ground for Native Americans, who fished for salmon at nearby Celilo Falls. The park isn't far from the famous Celilo Falls, which were, before being inundated by the waters behind The Dalles Dam, the most prolific salmon-fishing spot in the Northwest. Each year for thousands of years, Native Americans would gather here from all over the Northwest. These Native Americans created petroglyphs on rocks that are now protected within this park. The most famous of these is Tsagaglalal ("she who watches"), a large face that gazes down on the Columbia River. The only way to see the park's petroglyphs is on ranger-led walks on Friday and Saturday mornings at 10am between April and October. Reservations for these walks should be made at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance.