Standing like a sentinel in the morning fog, the Montauk Point Lighthouse and Museum (on Turtle Hill at the very easternmost point of Long Island) is a stalwart reminder of the salty independence of the fishing colony that set up camp here back in Colonial times. In addition to having the distinction of being the first lighthouse commissioned by President George Washington, the Montauk Lighthouse has also weathered an onslaught of hurricanes and nor'easters, staving off erosion while signalling fishermen and boaters of the rocky coastline. The museum, which showcases the 1860 Lighthouse Keeper's house, illustrates the austere furnishing of the era. Two historic documents authorizing the purchase of the land and building of the lighthousesigned by Thomas Jefferson and George Washingtonare on display in the museum parlor. Visitors who are up for the challenge (and who are tall enough: Minimum height requirement is 41 inches) can climb  the 86 feet to the top of the lighthouse tower to glimpse the original Fresnel lens, which was in active service from 1903 until 1987.