Although it isn’t much, this simple motel is one of only two accommodations on the Hopi reservation. While the Moenkopi Legacy Inn in Moenkopi/Tuba City is newer and more comfortable, the Hopi Cultural Center is more centrally located if you are planning to spend a couple of days in the area. Guest rooms are comfortable enough, though the grounds are quite desolate. The restaurant menu includes some traditional dishes, including noqkwivi, or Hopi stew, made with hominy, lamb, and green chili, and a Hopi taco, with ground beef, cheese, and fixings heaped on a blue-corn tortilla. (Remember that alcohol is prohibited at Hopi—forget about a cold beer with which to wash down these tasty dishes.) There’s also a small museum on the grounds. Because it is the only lodging for miles around, be sure you have a reservation before heading up for an overnight visit.