Although the Great Meteoron was founded in the 14th century, most of what you see here was built in the 16th century by monks from the Holy Mountain of Mount Athos. The church here is especially splendid, in the form of a Greek cross inscribed on a square, topped by a 12-sided dome. Once your eyes get accustomed to the darkness, you'll be able to enjoy the elaborate frescoes. If you look up to the dome, you'll see Christ, with the four evangelists, apostles, and prophets arranged below, the church fathers by the altar, and the liturgical feasts of the church year along the walls of the nave. There's also a rather bloodcurdling Last Judgment and Punishment of the Damned in the narthex. After visiting the church, you may wish to sit awhile in the shady courtyard before visiting the small museum, which has a collection of icons and illustrated religious texts. Don't miss the wine cellar, whose enormous wooden barrels suggest that monastic life is not all prayer and meditation.