We know that the ancient Hippodrome, where chariot races took place, lies under the square of the same name, because of finds made when modern apartments were built. There are almost no aboveground remains of this ancient racetrack where, in A.D. 390, Emperor Theodosius the Great ordered the slaughter of about 7,000 spectators. The reason: Galerius was furious when a mob lynched a close friend of his who had banned a popular charioteer from an important race. After that terrible day, people abandoned the Hippodrome, and it was gradually covered by buildings from successive eras. In 1566, the Turks executed St. Cyril here for not converting to Islam. The charming little church of St. Anthony here was, during the Turkish Occupation, a lunatic asylum. In the church, you can still see some of the manacles with which "patients" were imprisoned. Allow half an hour here.