Set back amid the trees, the Tikal Inn is the farthest hotel from the entrance to the ruins as you walk down the old airstrip. If you must stay here, the individual bungalows are best, featuring high thatch roofs, tile floors, local furniture and textiles, and rustic wood trim. The smaller rooms in the main building have cement floors. All of the rooms feel pretty spartan, in addition to looking like nature is taking over due to lack of care. And power is only available from 6:30-8:00am and 6-9:30pm, so if it’s a hot night you can’t run a fan to keep cool. If you need to charge a phone or camera you can use the power outlets at the front desk. As at the Jungle Lodge, there’s a refreshing pool here. Meals are served family-style, and the food is a definite step up from the fare served at the comedores (restaurants) near the campground.