Tokyo's city hall -- designed by one of Japan's best-known architects, Kenzo Tange -- is an impressive addition to the skyscrapers of west Shinjuku. The complex comprises three buildings -- TMG no. 1, TMG no. 2, and the Metropolitan Assembly Building -- and together they contain everything from Tokyo's Disaster Prevention Center to the governor's office. Most important for visitors is TMG no. 1, the tall building to the north that offers the best free view of Tokyo. This 48-story, 240m (787-ft.) structure, the tallest building in Shinjuku, boasts two observatories located on the 45th floors of both its north and south towers, with access from the first floor. Both observatories offer the same spectacular views -- on clear winter days, you can even see Mount Fuji -- as well as a small souvenir shop and coffee shop (the North Tower also has a Hakuhinkan Toy Park, with fun souvenirs, but a large restaurant annoyingly takes up the entire east side of the observatory). In expensive Tokyo, this is one of the city's best bargains, and kids love it. On the first floor is a Tokyo Tourist Information Center, open daily 10am to 6:30pm.